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Metal jew

Metal Jew

  • Miscellaneous stuff

    There’s a somewhat sarcastic post on Jamaican black metal here

    A South African photographer called Frank Marshall has produced some very cool photos of the Botswanan metal scene. Visit his website here.

    The latest issue of Terrorizer magazine has


  • Mind-bendingly complicated neo-folk politics

    Like other lefties who love dodgy music, the politics of transgressive cultures is something of an obsession. Neo-folk, with its constant flirtation with totalitarian aesthetics is a particularly tricky customer in this regard. I’m no expert on neo-folk so I’m


  • Metal in Barbados and Jamaica

    I just got the following comment on one of my old posts:

    Hi. My name is Kadeem Ward. I’m the only member of Barbados’ only Metal band, Its called Conrad. The project is based on Dark Barbadian Folklore as well