Keith Kahn Harris

professionally curious, communally engaged

Other talks (selected)

Good Jew/Bad Jew – Good Muslim/Bad Muslim: Fighting Selective Anti/Racism at the British-Islam Conference, 2019

Talk on Iron Maiden’s ‘The Number of the Beast’ at One Track Minds, Feb 23 2017

The Linguistic Politics of Kinder Surprise Eggs at Boring Conference VI, May 2017

‘The Logistics of Transgression: Why The Dark Side Is Hard Work’, Boring Conference V, 9 May 2015

Panelist at ‘How has religion been an agent for peace-building in conflict areas of the world?’ Westminster Faith Debates, 14 May 2014. Video available here

Panelist on ‘Are we having fun yet? The future of entertainment’ at Futurefest, 29 September 2013

‘The Power of Small Worlds’ at TEDx Krakow, September 2012. View it online here

‘How a childhood spent collecting building societies taught me to celebrate the power of obscurity’ at Ignite London 5, November 2011. View online here.

Panellist on ‘Turbulent Times’ session at Jewish Book Week 6 March 2011 Podcast available here

Sessions at Limmud December 2010:

  • Facilitator on ‘How should we talk to each other about Israel? David Newman and Gerald Steinberg in dialogue’ (Can be viewed online here)
  • ‘The British Jewish Community in a Turbulent Age: the best of times or the worst of times?’
  • (with Deborah Kahn-Harris) ‘Making Peace in the Jewish Community – One Dinner at a Time.’
  • Panelist on: ‘The Great Limmud Tardis Panel – Jews and Jewishness From 1980 – 2040′
  • Speaker opposing the motion on: ‘This House Believes that the Diaspora needs Israel more than Israel needs the Diaspora’

Panellist on ‘Jews, Britain and the Future’ at 2020 Vision, The London Jewish Cultural Centre, 16 August 2010

‘My dream came true and I’m still not satisfied: the journey of a metal jew’. Presented at Pecha Kucha London and Ignite London, March 2010. View it here.

Panelist at the ‘Left Right Night’, Jewish Community Centre for London, 3 December 2009.

‘Journey into the Known’. Lecture and workshop at the exhibition: ‘Beneath the Remains – Translations of Estrangement and the Politics of Survival’ at arttransponder, Berlin, 9 November 2009. A version of the lecture can be viewed here

Panellist on ‘Solidarity from afar’ session at ‘Psycho-Political Resistance in Israel-Palestine’, Birkbeck College, October 2009. A podcast of the session is available here

Panellist on ‘Faiths and Freedoms’ session at the Convention on Modern Liberty, London, 28 February 2009. A video of the session is available here

‘Arguing about Israel: Is there another way?’ and ‘How secure is Anglo-Jewry?’ at Limmud, December 2008

‘The Elephant in the Room: What do British Jews not talk about?’ and ‘Developing Dialogue Within The UK Jewish Community’ at Limmud, December 2007

‘Jewish Texts of Wilful Ignorance and Denial’. Presented at Jewdas ‘Radical Torah’ evening, London, March 2007

Chair of ‘Postcards from the Unholy Land’ session at London Jewish Book Week, March 2007 Listen to the session here.

‘What Jews Can Learn From Satanism’ Presented at Jewdas ‘Punk Purim’ event, London, March 2006

Seminar on British Jewish Identity, Paideia, Sweden, March 2005.

‘Jews and Black Culture: From Al (Jolson) to Ali (G)’. Lecture given at the London Jewish Cultural Center, December 2004 and at Paideia, Sweden, March 2005.

‘Comparing British Jewish and Muslim Identities’. Presented at Limmud (with Dilwar Hussain), Nottingham 2004.

‘Alternative Models of Community’. Presented at Limmud Leadership Extensive – Seeds of Change, Nottingham 2001

‘‘Kyle’s Mom is a Stupid *$!%*: What ‘South Park’ Tells Us About Being Jewish’.  Presented at Limmud, Nottingham, 2000.

‘Identity’. Panel session in conversation with Dr Tova Habertal at Get A Life: Conference on Jewish Teenagers, 1999.

‘ From Generation to Generation – Jewish Transmission’.  Panel session with Dr Stephen Miller at Jewish Values and the Just Society, London, 1999.

‘Jewish Identity and Jewish Youth: Learning from Black and Asian Subcultures’.  Presented at the Festival of Reform Judaism, London, 1999.

‘Israeli Youth Face the Future’.  Presented at Limmud, Nottingham, 1998.

‘Exploring Jewish Space: A Critique of Limmud’.  Presented at Limmud, Manchester, 1997.

‘Promoting Jewish Identity Among Young Adults: Learning From British Subcultures’.  Presented at Limmud, Worcester, 1996.