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Read the chapter: The Best Waterskier in Luxembourg


One of the consolations of my Unbound project not getting funded is that I can make the two chapters I wrote freely available.

So here’s the first one, in which I tell the tale of the best waterskier in Luxembourg and the surprisingly fascinating story of the Luxembourg waterskiing scene:

Final chapter one pdf


  • Alexis E.

    I have spent a year and a half in Luxembourg at the university and I have to say I love the authentic approach that you take to shed light on this country and I can relate a lot to it through my experiences. I was also a member of the countrie’s only association of a particular kind of sports during this time, and by that had my own first-hand “luxemburgish” experience there.
    Did you manage to finish the book meanwhile? If not, you may turn to the University of Luxembourg for assistance or funding. It is currently setting up a more and more stronger focus on Luxemburgish studies and it is marked by a quite open, interdisciplinary but also very informal style. They might show interest in the research you did and would like to see more of the writing, who knows? I see a clear trend of unearthing the own identity, culture and history that is going on in the research units there. Feel free to write me.

    • Keith

      Thanks Alexis. While the book was not finished, I am currently ‘rebooting’ it and I hope to restart research in the next few months. I may well contact you then. Keith

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