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Serial killer’s granddaughter is Burzum fan

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I’m currently reading a book called The Anniversary Man by R J Ellory. The story deals with the hunt for a New York serial killer who replicates the murders of other serial killers. Although the story is fictional, the crimes the serial killer copies are mostly real ones. I’ve been browsing wikipedia for details of the real serial killers and I found something peculiar:

Arthur Shawcross, known as the Genessee River Killer,  killed at least 14 people in the 1980s. He was caught in 1990 and died in prison in 2008. Cannibal Corpse’s song ‘Addicted to Vaginal Skin’ is preceeded by a recording of an interview with Shawcross.

Nasty stuff. But what interested me was a photos of Shawcross in a prison visit with his daughter and granddaughter. His daughter was apparently instrumental in Shawcross’s conversion to Catholicism while in prison. In the photo, his granddaughter is wearing a Burzum ‘Det Som Engang Var’ T-Shirt.

There’s a story here: how does the granddaughter of a serial killer come to be into black metal, enough to wear a T Shirt from the genre’s most notorious protagonist and convicted killer? How does she relate to her  grandfather’s memory? How does she relate to her Catholic mother? There doesn’t appear to be any info on this on the internet. I guess it’s one of life’s fascinating untold stories…

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